CSS Profile Deadlines: When is the CSS Profile Due?

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To this point, we’ve done a deep dive on the CSS Profile and checked in on how families identify if their prospective schools require the form. Next up, we’ll

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What is the CSS Profile?

First, let’s talk about the CSS Profile itself. The CSS Profile, or the College Scholarships Service Profile if you want to get official, is a form that’s used by schools that offer institutional aid beyond the aid made available through the government. The schools that use the CSS Profile want to dig deeper into a family‚Äôs financial picture. As a result, the CSS Profile is much more extension in the questions it asks families compared to the other most popular financial aid form, the FAFSA.

The form is made available to families October 1 of each year for the following financial aid year. For example, the 2021-22 CSS Profile was available to be completed beginning October 1, 2020.

When is the CSS Profile due?

This is where things can begin to get confusing, as there is no one official deadline for the CSS Profile. There are varying deadlines for the CSS Profile. These deadlines are mainly determined by two factors:

  • The type of student and admission that is being applied for
  • The school that the student is applying to

How do you determine the CSS Profile deadline for your college?

Incoming Freshmen

In general, incoming freshmen are required to submit their CSS Profile earlier than returning students. Beyond that, incoming freshmen that are applying early — Early Decision or Early Action — are required to submit their CSS Profile before those that are applying for General Admission.

Freshmen applying for Early Action or Early Decision could be required to have their CSS Profile submitted as early as November 1. That’s right, that gives families just 30 days from when it’s made available to complete the CSS Profile.

Deadlines vary and can even carry into the new year, landing closer to February or March for General Admission applicants.

Returning Students

When it comes to returning students, deadlines are not nearly as early, in general. Returning students could see deadlines in April or May.

Contact your school for the official deadline

Regardless of your admission type or year in college, students should check with the school(s) they are applying to in order to determine the deadline for submission of the CSS Profile. Students can do this by calling the school directly, reaching out via email, or simply checking out the financial aid section of the school’s website.

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