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Applying to college can be lots of things—exciting, exhausting, and exhilarating, to name a few (and that’s just the e’s). Applying to college can also be expensive. There are testing fees and application fees. And then there are those wonderful, yet decidedly not economical, trips to prospective colleges and universities.

Philadelphia is home to many fine schools. However, the institution that fits your needs perfectly may be in Boston, or Ithaca, or Stanford. A family trip to an out-of-state campus (even a short trip) runs into money for meals, lodging, and transportation at the very least. Yet, this is your future. Few students want to commit to a university sight unseen, and there is valuable insight to be gained just by being on a campus. Some things cannot be conveyed through a brochure.

Enter student travel discounts!

Several transportation giants have developed programs to make it a little easier on high school students and their families. Amtrak, for example, has offered the Campus Visit Discount Coupon Program since 2003. The program provides “50% discount fares to high school juniors and seniors traveling to prospective college campuses.”

Rather fly? Take a look at United Airlines’ and American Airlines’ (Philadelphia International Airport is a hub) discounts on Student Universe’s website.

Article contributed by Daniel Ascher, M.Ed.
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